Welcome to my web page – I am Christian Klien and I am the answer to your fitness and nutrition headaches. I am a fitness coach based in Glenwood, Minnesota. My aim in life is to help everyone who wants to become fit, healthy, and have lots of energy, and to reach their goals. I coach athletes and other individuals to reach their highest potential and become the type of people they yearn to be.

I am a qualified personal trainer and nutritionist. Throughout my life, I have taken part in a wide variety of sports and played professionally on several teams including soccer, basketball, and long distance running. After a few years, I decided that I want to do more and want to help other people. That is when the Christian Klien fitness program came into being.

If you are looking to change your lifestyle and be healthier or if you want to lose some weight and feel good about yourself or if you just want to take care of yourself, you need the Christian Klien fitness program.

The Christian Klien fitness coaching program can work for anyone. All clients are evaluated and interviewed so the program can be adjusted and tailored to each person’s body, needs, and goals. Read more about my program on the MY PROGRAM page.