Interesting Facts About F1 Drivers

F1 racers are some of the fittest sportsmen you will ever find. People may not realize this, but because of the endurance that goes into the sport, they have to be fit. They also need to be very strong to handle the speed and force that their cars drive with and stop with. We bet you didn’t know all of the things we share with you today.

  1. F1 drivers lose weight while they drive. Because of the hot temperatures and the G forces that these drivers have to endure, they can lose up to 4 kg in a single race. They obviously gain this back again as soon as they eat and get some water, but that is pretty wild.
  2. F1 drivers have to remove the steering wheel to get in the car. F1 race cars are very compact and drivers can get in or out without removing the steering wheel first.
  3. A Formula 1 car must weigh 640 kg or more. It might seem strange, but many cars actually don’t meet this requirement. Teams add ballast to the cars to increase the weight and ensure that they comply with the minimum weight.
  4. F1 drivers drink a lot of water before a race. Due to the heat and endurance that racing in the F1 takes, the drivers lose a lot of water during the race. This is why they drink a lot of water before the race and after the race.
  5. F1 drivers have to be strong. There are many reasons for this, but one of the scariest reasons is the deceleration when the driver hits the brakes. This deceleration that the driver experiences can be compared to the car driving through a brick wall. That is some scary stuff.

F1 drivers may remain seated while doing their sport, but it takes so much more. They take care of their bodies and they have to be fit and strong to take on all the beatings, dehydration, and impacts that this sport brings.