Features That You Need to Look in Tactical Watches

Time has been and will always be of the essence. It is vital to maintain a sense of time and to know which day of the week, which month or year you are living in. Some people live their lives exposed to extreme conditions including harsh weather, rigorous activity, and deprivation of power but must keep track of time. Tactical watches are used by people who live on the edge such as soldiers, those involved in extreme sports and survivalists to keep track of time.

Durable tactical watches for sportsSpecial Features of Tactical Watches

Tactical watches can withstand harsh conditions, survive extreme rigor and jarring or lack of power yet keep perfect time. They are made to help you find your way out of complicated terrain or environment. These timepieces are

Resistant to scratching
Resistant to shock
Analog to enhance durability and sense of time
Incorporated with a compass
Integrated with altimeters, barometers and
Will read your body temperature

Qualities to Consider when Selecting a Tactical Watch

Everything has its own special qualities that make it stand out. Watches are mechanical pieces that we rely on to keep track of time. Tactical watches are designed to give you a good sense of time even under extreme elements.

The following are qualities to consider when selecting a tactical watch.

Crystal Clear Time Reading

Crystal can withstand friction, scratches, and shocks associated with intensive activity that comes with living on the edge. A watch that easily catches scratches gets bleary and makes reading the time an odious task. For a military watch, you will need a clear face that can survive years of rigor yet read time clearly. This is the reason why crystal material is used on tactical watches. Sapphire crystal is preferred in high-end watches because:

It is extremely strong
It is scratch resistant
It is shatter resistant
It can withstand cracks better than glass or plastic
It can only be scratched by diamond or sapphire
It is crystal clear!

Best tactical watches for military usePrecision

If you are involved in a military reconnoiter or an adventurous exploration that makes it imperative that your movement is coordinated with others to enhance your chances of survival. In this sense, precision becomes vital. Quartz-based or digital watches tend to be more accurate compared to mechanical watches which have the added ordeal of re-adjusting every now and then to maintain precision in time reading. Quartz watches are more heat and shock resistant, a quality which enhances their precision under extreme conditions.

Luminescent Dials

Living on the edge entails days on and nights living under extreme conditions. Luminescent dials have a glow that makes it easy to read the time be it day or night. If it is imperative that you avoid detection, then choose the durable and scratch resistant the anti-reflective PVD coating.

Analog or Digital?

Digital watches can be very accurate and come with other customized functions for users. However, Analog watches have more of what it takes to survive in extreme conditions. In addition to having a classic look, analog watches have the following advantages:

-Visual presentation of the movement of time to heighten your perception with the time.

Offers a better grasp of the pace enabling you to set your goals within the time limit.

Now that you know the benefits of tactical watches, make your decision on which would be best for what you require.