What Is Youth Baseball Bats

youth baseball batsA baseball bat is a club made out of metal or wood. It is smooth in texture and used by a batter to hit the baseball after being thrown by the pitcher. It is in the shape of a bottle, its lower end is thick and almost round while the upper end is thin. Senior league baseball bats is also another name for youth baseball bats. When it comes to the latter, the taller you are the longer your bat will be. Before buying, you need to know the rules of your league. Different regions have different standards. Confirm what kind of bat you are allowed to use before going to get yourself one. Here are the rules

Rules for youth baseball bats

  • Wooden youth baseball bats should not be less than 15/16 inches in their diameter.
  • The certification mark on the bat shall be rectangular in shape and should be located on the barrel of the bat.
  • It should not exceed 33 inches in length and the diameter of their barrel should not exceed two and a quarter inches.
  • It must be smooth and round, that is a thumbs up rule in baseball.
  • They must not be hollow or light in order to hit the ball effectively.
  • Aluminum bats have to be Batted Ball Coefficient Of Restitution (BBCOR), this ratio gives a pitcher the ability to protect themselves.
  • It must be covered with wax or paraffin and their surfaces must be flat.

How to care your bats

  • You could regularly use alcohol to clean your bat to get rid of the dirt and dust it picked while on the field.
  • Keep them in the warmest corner of your house to prevent them from accumulating moisture, when they accumulate moisture, they gain weight thus becoming heavier.
  • Some people store them in dry sand or sawdust to prevent them from being moist hence preventing them from becoming heavy.
  • You could also soak your bat in oil and leave it to dry, this is a cleaning and maintenance method.
  • Paraffin or diesel can also do as a cleaning agent
  • Some people use bones, rollers and bottles to rub against the surface, it is believed that this hardens the material
  • If you choose to use a wet piece of cloth to clean its surface, make sure you leave it under the sun or somewhere warm for it to dry.

Materials that make your bats

It can be made of aluminum metal or wood. The types of wood used are bamboo, hickory and maple or circa. These woods are hard and heavy hence the best quality for making them since they do not fracture easily. Usually, they have the name of the manufacturer indicated on them and their serial number. Some are endorsed with the player’s signatures. Maple bats are more popular than bamboo and hickory. However, wooden ones are mostly made from ash.