What Is Youth Baseball Bats

youth baseball batsA baseball bat is a club made out of metal or wood. It is smooth in texture and used by a batter to hit the baseball after being thrown by the pitcher. It is in the shape of a bottle, its lower end is thick and almost round while the upper end is thin. Senior league baseball bats is also another name for youth baseball bats. When it comes to the latter, the taller you are the longer your bat will be. Before buying, you need to know the rules of your league. Different regions have different standards. Confirm what kind of bat you are allowed to use before going to get yourself one. Here are the rules

Rules for youth baseball bats

  • Wooden youth baseball bats should not be less than 15/16 inches in their diameter.
  • The certification mark on the bat shall be rectangular in shape and should be located on the barrel of the bat.
  • It should not exceed 33 inches in length and the diameter of their barrel should not exceed two and a quarter inches.
  • It must be smooth and round, that is a thumbs up rule in baseball.
  • They must not be hollow or light in order to hit the ball effectively.
  • Aluminum bats have to be Batted Ball Coefficient Of Restitution (BBCOR), this ratio gives a pitcher the ability to protect themselves.
  • It must be covered with wax or paraffin and their surfaces must be flat.

How to care your bats

  • You could regularly use alcohol to clean your bat to get rid of the dirt and dust it picked while on the field.
  • Keep them in the warmest corner of your house to prevent them from accumulating moisture, when they accumulate moisture, they gain weight thus becoming heavier.
  • Some people store them in dry sand or sawdust to prevent them from being moist hence preventing them from becoming heavy.
  • You could also soak your bat in oil and leave it to dry, this is a cleaning and maintenance method.
  • Paraffin or diesel can also do as a cleaning agent
  • Some people use bones, rollers and bottles to rub against the surface, it is believed that this hardens the material
  • If you choose to use a wet piece of cloth to clean its surface, make sure you leave it under the sun or somewhere warm for it to dry.

Materials that make your bats

It can be made of aluminum metal or wood. The types of wood used are bamboo, hickory and maple or circa. These woods are hard and heavy hence the best quality for making them since they do not fracture easily. Usually, they have the name of the manufacturer indicated on them and their serial number. Some are endorsed with the player’s signatures. Maple bats are more popular than bamboo and hickory. However, wooden ones are mostly made from ash.

Quick Tips on Buying Football Uniforms

Football jerseys for players confidenceFootball uniform may seem just a piece of clothing but it is something more than that. For the real football lovers and players, it is the best thing ever invented. A football team can’t just go out in the field in their own clothes. A football uniform makes a solid statement. Hence, it is necessary for you to get your football uniforms designed by the best people available. There are many kinds of football uniforms available in the market right now. You will be able to find cheap football jerseys quite easily. You need to consider all the aspects before you buy a uniform. Each and everything, including the color has an important role to play and a message to give.

Why Wear Quality Jerseys

Different football uniforms worn by different teams give them the necessary self-confidence to win. It is something that brings your fans closer to you. There is a huge psychology involved in choosing the right uniform for your team. It is something that shouldn’t be taken light, as it is a big decision and will somehow affect all the players’ performance in the field.
Now think of it this way, what will happen if you put your team out in a fluffy pink dress? What people will think about it? What the players will think of it? Will they take the game seriously? I am pretty sure that all of us know the answers to these questions. No one will take the game seriously. You will not have any fan following because all will think that you are simply joking.

Hence, the uniform should be chosen with great care. It should be something that makes the players feel strong and confident enough to win the game easily. They should feel that they are looking good in it.

Where to Buy Quality Football Uniforms

Quality football uniformsThere are numerous places where you can buy quality football uniforms. There are many big companies, such as Adidas and Nike that can design your cheap football jerseys. You probably know that the top football teams give their work to such huge companies. If you don’t have the resources to assign this task to such big companies, you can make use of the local market or online stores that offer quality and cheap football jerseys. The internet and local markets are the right places where you can save hundreds of dollars on uniforms. If you haven’t yet decided on the uniform and are looking for some cheap football jerseys, it is the time for you to go for it.

Buy Cheap Jerseys Online

When you will look for the best and cheap uniform jerseys on the internet, you will find out that it is the best place for you where you can have quality stuff at lower prices. In fact, you will be paying just a fraction of what you would have paid otherwise. You may also find some reputed brands offering their stuff at discounts. So, it is worth taking a look at different available options so that you are able to make a good decision.

How to Know Which Baseball Bat Is Right for You: A Guide

Players Using the Best BatGoing to purchase your first baseball bat? There several things to think through before shopping. Is it adult or youth baseball bats that you are looking for? Are considering to be a hobbyist player or looking to be a professional batter in the future? Are there league requirements to adhere to?

Aside from LeftFieldCard’s review of baseball bats which is in itself very helpful, read through the next portions of this article just to initially give you a gist of what to factor in when choosing the right bat for you.

One-Piece Versus Two-Piece

Basically, a one-piece baseball bat has the same material used for its entire length from the handle to the barrel, while a two-piece baseball bat has an isolated piece of the handle which is then connected to the barrel.

Types of Baseball Bat Based on Materials

Baseball is a wonderful sport. It improves your teamwork and body coordination. In order to start playing this sport, you need a bat. A baseball bat can be made from different materials, namely, wood, aluminum, or a mixture of metals.

Wood is a classic material used to manufacture baseball bats. It can be, ash, bamboo, maple, among other sorts. The choice of which to use amongst this variety of woods depends on how hard or soft, flexible or stiff, and light or heavy the maker wants the baseball bat to be constructed into.

Alloy, or a mixture of aluminum and other metals, is another one common constituent in the composition of a baseball bat. Alloy bats are usually assembled with a one-piece design. The alloy is a material that makes lighter and more durable bats thus more ideal for younger hitters.

Baseball bats made of an alloy may already be lightweight but composite baseball bats are even lighter relative to the former. Consistent with its name, composite bats are an amalgam of distinct elements which can include graphite, plastic, carbon fiber, among other optional components.

Choosing the Perfect Baseball Bat Needs an Expert's Advice

Lastly, as per its name too, hybrid baseball bats are a two-piece design which blends the durability of both alloy-made and composite bats.


A baseball bat is composed of the handle and its grip and knob, the barrel and the end cap. Although much more importance is put in the barrel and its composition can be what makes a baseball bat more attractive to purchase, every one of these parts is still to be figured in when choosing your bat.

The barrel is the largest part of a  bat. It is also the thickest part whose purpose is primarily to hit the ball. This thickness varies from one design, material, brand, to the others. And these variations are the deciding factor for the strength of the bat as it does its work.

The handle of a  bat differs in size, shape, and length. These characteristics can be a major factor in defining the speed of the player as he hits. On the end of the handle is the knob which is like a stopper that keeps the bat from slipping out of the player’s hands. It comes in different shapes too.

The Right Fit

Check out LeftFieldCard’s review on baseball bats and let them help you pick your bat like a pro. On there, they offer you sizing information as you choose to depend on your weight, your height, and your arms’ length. They will also point you to the places to go to and get great deals and promos for purchase.

How to Choose the Best Material for Sports Apparel

Sportswear materialsEverything has a science including the science of fitness and sports clothing. Before it was baggy cotton sweatshirts and knitted leg warmers. Nowadays, athletes and exercisers have a wide array of choices for fabrics and materials for a particular type of sport.

Sports apparel term is used for any clothing worn by athletes in different sports. Sportswear clothing includes shirts, trousers, shorts, etc. Often sports apparel are used for casual clothing. In all sports, athletes wear a combination of different items like pants, shorts, shirts, sports shoes, etc.

What Do You Look for When Buying Sports and Exercise Wear?

Wearing the right clothing and material are one of the key factors which give you enjoyment in exercising and sports activities.

Appropriate workout attire includes not only your shirt but also your socks, shorts, gloves, sports bra, workout pants, running tights. When shopping for sports apparel, consider the following key elements:


When you think of comfort, the first thing which comes to mind is cotton material. But cotton is comfortable only when you are not playing or exercising. The more you move, the more you sweat, and cotton traps sweat which weighs down your garment, and it clings to your skin making you uncomfortable. For choosing sports apparel fabric, avoid rough materials that could irritate your skin. Look for apparels with a small percentage of spandex.

Moisture Wicking Ability

The material can dry faster compared to cotton. Select Lycra blend or other synthetics. These type of materials dries quickly. It makes you warm in the winter and cools in the summer.


It must fit perfectly on you. Don’t hide on baggy layers. Wearing an outfit that looks good on you gives you more confidence. It pushes you to exercise or perform well in your sports.


Your sportswear must be versatile and usable any season of the year. So for practical reasons choose one which you can layer during cold months. Ideally, you need a dry layer such as a tank top then layer over a fleece pullover. Then you can add one more protective layer as a windbreaker.

Advanced Clothing

Many sportswear feature antimicrobial treatments. This is good because you feel comfortable and confident that you won’t smell bad due to sweating. You can invest in luminous clothing as well. You will be visible in the dark if you wear these type of clothing.

What Are the Best Types of Materials Used for Sports Clothing?

Synthetic Fabric

Sports ApparelThis is the top choice for a sportsperson. It absorbs and dry sweat quickly giving you a fresh feeling throughout the game. Stay away from rubber and plastic based materials. You will experience an overheating effect while playing.

Miracle Microfiber

Typically it contains nylon or polyesters or sometimes has both. It can wick moisture quickly.


Athletic clothes are made from natural cotton wicks away sweat and make you feel comfortable while exercising or playing your sports. It is highly absorbent and eco-friendly.


It can expand more than 500% without tearing. When not in use it goes back to its original size. Swimmers, gymnasts and figure skaters mainly wear this material.


Choose the right clothing material for your sports apparel to ensure comfort and confidence.

The Benefits of Youth Sports

Youth Sports Benefits

Being involved in sports means going into physical activities that develop life skills and abilities that improve the overall condition of the body. They may be used as a profession or source of income, to have fun and be physically healthy. There are many types of sports like soccer, basketball, swimming, running, mountain biking, golf, tennis, etc.

What do you get from involving yourself into sports? Let’s answer this question in this article and discuss more of the top popular sports.

Sports is known to be a big industry which offers a lot of career opportunities to many people. Careers range from a coach, personal trainers, fitness trainers, nutritionist, sports commentators, ground managers, etc. It provides athletes to earn bucks from their sports abilities.

What Is in Sports That Help Your Children Achieve?

1. Sports Induces Achievement

The one thing that children get from sports is good sportsmanship and helps the child be an achiever in his lifetime. It teaches children how to behave in a competitive situation. It mirrors how one can play the game of school and life. With so much competition, children have to be taught how to function in a competition. They have to learn how to both win and lose as good sports. That losing doesn’t mean you have to quit and give up. Being a team player is the best lesson they will get from sports.

2. Kids Build Confidence and Have Fun

We are all born different. Some are natural athletes, and some are physically weak, or maybe some have lesser physical coordination. For the natural athletes, they can hone their skills and abilities by continuous sports involvement. For children with lesser coordinator, they can go to less competitive sports where they can slowly achieve progress. By constant practice, they will be more confident and may eventually become one of the star players of a team.

3. Sports Improve a Family Relationship

Watching any sports together creates emotional bonding between children and parents. Example: father and son bonding by watching basketball together develops male self-confidence. It allows spontaneous conversation between father and son.

Mental Health Benefits Of Youth SportsWhat Are the Mental Benefits of Sports?

  • It improves your mood – Get involved in a physical activity and find yourself bursting with happiness and feel relaxed.
  • It improves concentration – It allows you to think sharply as you age. Sports gives you the ability to use critical thinking and good judgment.
  • It reduces stress and tension – Negative vibes have no room for people active with sports. It reduces stress hormones on your body.
  • It improves sleep habits – Any physical activity enhances the quality of sleep you get.
  • It helps you maintain a healthy weight – Staying within the ideal weight reduces your likelihood of developing lifestyle diseases.
  • It boosts your self-confidence – The more you involve yourself in sports, your strength, skills, and stamina increase and with that improving your self-image.

What Are the Types of Sports Popular Worldwide?

According to sporteology, the top popular sports are soccer or football, cricket, basketball, field hockey, tennis, volleyball, table tennis, baseball, American football, and golf.

They used different criteria in ranking ranging from global fan base and audience, viewership on TV, Sponsorship deals, etc. The highest in rank according to estimated fans is soccer football with 3.5 billion fans and the lowest is golf with 390 million fans.

Conclusion. If you want your kids to grow physically and mentally healthy, involve them in any types of sports.