Football Uniforms: Their Pricey Complexities Make a Great Shield

You may be a fanatic and fortunately enjoy the match from some seat at the stadium close to the field. You must know the rules by heart and react to calls from the referees which you feel are uncalled for.

Football is a physical game that requires extreme movements by and risky contacts between the players. They practically crush each other’s body. So, you must also know the dangers that they are exposed to such as the high stakes of suffering from injuries. It is part of the sport.

And so, you must have as well noticed how players are geared the way that they are. But what you may not know about is the complex composition of the football sportswear that they are clad in.

Let us take a closer peek at the components of football uniforms, and their rather expensive maintenance requirements and replacement.

A General Look at the Parts of Football Uniforms

The Jersey. The identifying factor between teams and amongst players, always sleeved and numbered, the football jersey is constructed with durable and breathable materials.

The headgear: helmet, face mask, mouth guard. The mouth guard protects the player’s teeth while the mask shields him from serious damages on the face.

The helmet is for protection of the wearer from severe head injuries and it is not designed and constructed as simplistically as it looks. It has air-filled interior pockets that are created to avoid concussions which is why the helmet has to be perfect-fitting and not too tight. Otherwise, it releases the air from the pockets and these pockets defeat the foremost purpose of their presence in the helmet all together. Chin straps comfortably keep the helmet in place. There is also the option for a football player to add another protective cap apart from the basic helmet.

The pads. They are practically snugly stuck all over the player’s body – the shoulders, the top of the arm, the elbows, the chest and the ribs, the hips, the thighs and the knees. These pads are made of shock-absorbing elements which are then enclosed in hard plastic material but flexible enough to not restrain the strenuous movements of the player.

The footwear. The shoes and cleats worn by football players depend on the conditions of the field. They need the right features for them to perform with the greatest possible traction. This way, slipping, gliding or tripping on the field can be better avoided.

The Expensive Maintenance of Football Uniforms

Football uniforms for AdultsCleaning and washing of football uniforms are expensive and laborious. There is a specialized spray for the helmet and the pads. The helmet requires constant reconditioning too.

Every kind of stain on football attires – blood, dirt, mud, clay, grass – requires a different concocted solution.

No, the athletes’ parents or household help do not do this maintenance job. Neither are they able.


These football sportswear are sent for cleaning and restoration to professionals who specialize in football equipment and gears.

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