How to Choose the Best Material for Sports Apparel

Sportswear materialsEverything has a science including the science of fitness and sports clothing. Before it was baggy cotton sweatshirts and knitted leg warmers. Nowadays, athletes and exercisers have a wide array of choices for fabrics and materials for a particular type of sport.

Sports apparel term is used for any clothing worn by athletes in different sports. Sportswear clothing includes shirts, trousers, shorts, etc. Often sports apparel are used for casual clothing. In all sports, athletes wear a combination of different items like pants, shorts, shirts, sports shoes, etc.

What Do You Look for When Buying Sports and Exercise Wear?

Wearing the right clothing and material are one of the key factors which give you enjoyment in exercising and sports activities.

Appropriate workout attire includes not only your shirt but also your socks, shorts, gloves, sports bra, workout pants, running tights. When shopping for sports apparel, consider the following key elements:


When you think of comfort, the first thing which comes to mind is cotton material. But cotton is comfortable only when you are not playing or exercising. The more you move, the more you sweat, and cotton traps sweat which weighs down your garment, and it clings to your skin making you uncomfortable. For choosing sports apparel fabric, avoid rough materials that could irritate your skin. Look for apparels with a small percentage of spandex.

Moisture Wicking Ability

The material can dry faster compared to cotton. Select Lycra blend or other synthetics. These type of materials dries quickly. It makes you warm in the winter and cools in the summer.


It must fit perfectly on you. Don’t hide on baggy layers. Wearing an outfit that looks good on you gives you more confidence. It pushes you to exercise or perform well in your sports.


Your sportswear must be versatile and usable any season of the year. So for practical reasons choose one which you can layer during cold months. Ideally, you need a dry layer such as a tank top then layer over a fleece pullover. Then you can add one more protective layer as a windbreaker.

Advanced Clothing

Many sportswear feature antimicrobial treatments. This is good because you feel comfortable and confident that you won’t smell bad due to sweating. You can invest in luminous clothing as well. You will be visible in the dark if you wear these type of clothing.

What Are the Best Types of Materials Used for Sports Clothing?

Synthetic Fabric

Sports ApparelThis is the top choice for a sportsperson. It absorbs and dry sweat quickly giving you a fresh feeling throughout the game. Stay away from rubber and plastic based materials. You will experience an overheating effect while playing.

Miracle Microfiber

Typically it contains nylon or polyesters or sometimes has both. It can wick moisture quickly.


Athletic clothes are made from natural cotton wicks away sweat and make you feel comfortable while exercising or playing your sports. It is highly absorbent and eco-friendly.


It can expand more than 500% without tearing. When not in use it goes back to its original size. Swimmers, gymnasts and figure skaters mainly wear this material.


Choose the right clothing material for your sports apparel to ensure comfort and confidence.