Characteristics that Makes a Good Military Watch

Wristwatches are one of the most accessories you can ever find in a man’s outfit. This is very understandable. Men are more concerned with functionality which is why rarely can you find accessories on their bodies that do not have significant functionality in them.

This is particularly true from the pair shoes they had on up to the cap of their heads. And, because the functionality is among the first things that men look for, picking the watch to purchase can be a tedious task.

Military or field watches are among the most favored timepiece by most men. This is not because it exudes a macho image, instead, it is more because these type of watches provides the best functionality.

This article hopes to break down what a military watch ought to be in order to help you pick the perfect watch when you are buying one. Let us take a look at what makes a good military watch.

Good quality military watches

Signature of a Good Military Watch

Military or field watches are known to be resilient since they are designed to be used in combat where the user would be exposed to the elements. The should be giving out that military look and feel while being stylish and trendy at the same time.

Military Watch Size

A good military watch should be of medium size. Not too large so as not to get in the way of your movement but never too small that it would be difficult to read. Remember, these watches were designed for combat and being able to read time in a glance is very important.

Field Watch Face

The face of the watch must be practical with easy to read indexes. This is to allow the user to get the information he needed in just a glance. To achieve this, manufacturers use either white numbering and black dial or the opposite. Either way, the objective is still met.

Durable military watch

Casing and Band

Because filed watches are designed to be used in combat, the casing must be durable. In most cases, it would be stainless steel and at times titanium. As for the band, it is usually either leather or canvas. Using metallic bands is just impractical as it could add to the weight of the watch.


This is where military watches tend to draw the line between them and the diving watches. The boot bomb military watch is of a very simple design so that there is less or even no complications at all other than the date.

Military watches are usually preferred by men because they are very functional, lightweight, and most especially versatile. Despite the fact they are designed to be used in combat or in the field, military watches are also perfect for any other occasion.

Military watches are a fusion of durability and style. Because of this, wearing them on any occasion paired with any outfit will just be fine. This is why these watches make for an ideal accessory in addition to your awesome boot bomb.